Oral health naturally
With MicroActive CoQ10


  • More bioavailable than other CoQ10
  • 10 times more CoQ10 than the next leading brand
  • 100 times more than the rest
  • 85% more than leading European brands
  • Contains Xylatol natural sweetener to fight plaque and Vitamin C – Stabilized to build healthier gums

Oral health naturally With MicroActive CoQ10


Oral health naturally With MicroActive CoQ10

Regular CoQ10 is mostly washed away before it can be absorbed into the gums thereby limiting its effectiveness. MicroActive® CoQ10 coats the gums so it is more easily absorbed and readily available to fight gum disease.

The way MicroActive® COQ10 solves this problem is by using natural technology that encapsulates the CoQ10 making it water-dispersible. During brushing it coats the gums and is freely absorbed strengthening them against bacterial toxins.

MicroActive CoQ10 was as much as 22 times more bio-available than regular CoQ10.

Perfect Smile Toothpaste significantly reduced mild gingivitis for people who brushed with it regularly.

MicroActive® CoQ10 is the ingredient of choice in many nutritional supplement just because it is so easily absorbed and effective.